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1988 -
Global Cooperation for a Better World
/ Visions of a Better World

After the United Nations observed 1986 as the International Year of Peace, the UN Peace Studies Unit was created to encourage cities and organizations to work with the United Nations as Peace Messengers to promote peace and cooperation for a better world. The first Peace Messenger collaboration was the Global Cooperation project, sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Starting in 1988, hundreds of thousands of people in more than 120 countries of the world were asked to share in words or pictures their response to the question "What is your vision of a Better World?" The ideas and actions offered were compiled and a Global Vision Statement was created, based on the common visions shared. In 1993, Visions of a Better World, a beautiful book of these pictures and inspiring descriptions, was published to further disseminate this 'living picture' of the shared vision of a better world we can work together to create.

The Global Vision Statement

In a better world:

1. All people celebrate the joy of life.

2. Human Rights are respected and upheld and the dignity and integrity of all people is assured.

3. People live in ways that preserve nature's ecological balance in an environment that is beautiful and clean.

4. The planet's natural and abundant resources are shared equitably and the basic human needs of all people are provided for.

5. All people have equal opportunities to realize their potential through an educational process that has human, moral and spiritual values at its heart.

6. Life within the immediate family is loving, caring and fulfilling and is the foundation for harmony within the broader human family.

7. There is understanding and tolerance in all human relations.

8. People communicate openly and in a spirit of equality and goodwill.

9. Social, economic and political justice is ensured through honesty, responsibility and respect for the rule of law.

10. Governments, as representatives of the people, are committed to their well-being. People participate cooperatively in efforts for a secure and peaceful world.

11. Science serves humanity and appropriate technology is applied to ensure sustainable development and enhance the quality of life.

12. All people enjoy freedom of expression, movement and belief while respecting the liberties and rights of others.

from Visions of a Better World, edited by The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, © 1993

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