Peace Places

On this website we've highlighted a few geographic places and landmarks that have been dedicated to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, but the truth is we can start to create 'Peacetopia' wherever we are.

Peace Sites
Here are two nonprofit organizations that register 'peace sites' - ordinary and extraordinary places where individuals, groups and organizations have come together to dedicate their communities to peace.

Peace Site Network

Peace Poles
One of the most popular symbols that individuals, groups, organizations and communities use to dedicate a place to peace is the peace pole. Long after a community comes together for a dedication ceremony, peacepoles remain as a constant reminder and inspiration for a better world. More than 200,000 peace poles have been planted in every country of the world. The Peace Pole Project was started by The World Peace Prayer Society and peace poles around the world carry the message "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in almost every language. For pictures and locations of more than 500 peace poles:

Peace Monuments
Statues and other monuments are another possible way that individuals, organizations and governments offer lasting testaments to our shared wish for more peaceful, just and sustainable world. For information, links and pictures of thousands of peace monuments and museums visit:

Peace Gardens & Peace Parks
Peace gardens and peace parks are a beautiful and lasting testament to our wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Intentional Communities
Intentional communities are created when people who share common values or a common goal decide to live together as a community. These communities are quite diverse in their structure, missions and purpose and can be found all throughout the world. There are a number of networks that seek to support and connect intentional communities, including:

Fellowship for Intentional Community
The Federation of Egalitarian Communities
Global Ecovillage Network

Peace Cities
Creating a peaceful world begins with our deciding to live peaceful lives. It grows when families intentionally try to nurture each other and work together to make their communities more peaceful, just and sustainable. When towns and cities declare their intention to define themselves as 'cities of peace' and strive toward ensuring the prosperity, safety and highest quality of life for ALL of their citizens, we take a tremendous leap forward in helping to create a culture of peace. International Cities of Peace is an association of cities that 'by history, resolution or proclamation' have declared themselves as Cities of Peace. Find out how you can help your city become a City of Peace.

Peace Index
Is it possible to measure how close to 'peacetopia' a place actually is? The Institute for Economics and Peace ranks 158 countries based on their levels of peace, security and militarization. In 2012, Iceland was found to be the most peaceful nation on earth. The Institute's US Peace Index ranks all 50 states and 61 cities on their peacefulness. In 2012, Maine was listed as the most peaceful for the 11th straight year.

US Peace Index / Global Peace Index

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